How to Find Your Savings Bond Redemption Value

Answer: In short, use a Savings Bond Calculator.

  1. Locate the following 4 components on your savings bond(s):
  2. SeriesBond Typerequired
    DenominationFace Valuerequired
    Issue DatePurchase Month/Yearrequired
    Serial NumberUnique IDoptional
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  1. Next, you'll need to find a calculator where you can lookup the redemption value of your bond(s) using those components from the previous step.

  2. Savings Bond Wizard
    • Best for valuing larger quantities of bonds (10+)
    • Store and import an excel (.xlsx) or .csv spreadsheet of your bonds.
    • One of the only alternative options to the (now retired) Savings Bond Wizard.
    • Visit our Savings Bond import wizard instructions page to download a spreadsheet template.
    Savings Bond Calculator
    • Value bonds individually
    • Intuitive, user-friendly experience
    • Instant export to excel (.xlsx or .csv)
    Treasury Direct Calculator
    • Value bonds individually
    • Difficult to save a list of savings bonds for later import
    • Fetches the prior months interest rate in addition to totals
    • Visit the Treasury Directs instructions page for a step by step guideline in how to use their calculator.

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